Tuesday, March 16, 2010

SPC Rivera

Just to catch up, yesterday we finally met Jeff and Buff. Two veterans who are benefiting from our program. They shared there stories with us and honestly it brought back memories of my own experience followed with a migraine. It happens but I've learned how to deal with those feelings when they surface. Jeff really struck me with his story. It was so similar to mine but I think he left out the sniper fire when he was there. I experienced it over there and to this day I'm extra vigilant. Now Buff seemed to me more solid but I wouldn't test it. I for example don't like it when other people or soldiers compare there issues with mine instead of sharing.

Today I was out all morning due to my medical appointments. So, I still have some catching up to do with today's curriculum but I shouldn't have any issues with that. Now tomorrow is the big day! We are heading out to the prison in Jesup, Ga. We are going to see the workings of the paws4prison dogs go through their initial training. I'm really looking forward to this. I'll be taking pictures and if I do a good job at it I will surely post some of them. Till tomorrow!

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