Monday, March 15, 2010

SPC Rivera

Tuesday of last week was the beginning of something new on Ft. Stewart. What a week it was! First we were introduced to the dogs. I guess every one's favorite is SALLY. We started with simple commands and all the Do's and Don'ts with the dogs. Who knew there is so much involved in not just training a dog but a service dog. Clearly there is a huge difference between b0th. I'm excited into learning this trait. It's been a long time for me to find something I would love to do. Yes, I doubted myself on moving forward with this task. I've been so down for so long and feeling like a soldier without a cause. I'm not just doing this for the dogs and for the potential candidates, but for my own self therapy. I took on fishing last year as a method on calming my anxiety even though I hated fishing. I love it now! Training these dogs is helping me with my self confidence that I've lost over the past two years. I really hope I can also give back and witness the miracle of what these dogs can do.

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