Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spc McQuiston

Me and CHANCE are going to start clearing this week and are leaving FT. Stewart GA on the 25th. I am looking forward get back down to FL. And start back to school.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Spc McQuiston

CHANCE is good with alot of the commands. But wants to play more than train. But I think its only cause he still a puppy. For some reason CHANCE does not want to get in the cars.

DRAKE is starting to come out of his shell to most of us, he still not to sure of Spc Roberts.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Spc McQuiston

Today is the first day with DRAKE and CHANCE. DRAKE has found the perfect place to hide from us - that's under my bed. CHANCE is starting to being very courageous. Its going to be challenge to get DRAKE trust us.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I truly do wish that I could make time to comment more often. It's not that I don't " have" the time, it's just that I'm so lazy I suppose that I don't "make" time. For those of you who may actually know me and look forward to what I have to say, I'm sorry and will make a better effort to post more often.

My family came to visit me for a week not long ago. I miss them all so much but spending time with them is a painful reminder of just how much I do miss them. I believe that we all had a great time together. Spending time with my children was just incredible. This was the first time that the children were able to meet Daja face to face. I knew that she would react in a positive way. What I didn't know is just how positive she would be. Daja took to my children with such interest and affection it was almost unbelievable. We took a day trip to Fl. and spent the day at the beach. This was the first time that I'm aware of Daja being at the ocean. Free of leash, she had a great time in the water. She didn't want to go deeper than neck deep but I still believe she enjoyed just standing in the water. If you know me, then you probably realize that I have no reason being too far out in the water. Oops. Couldn't help it. I had a flash back of being my normal self and swam a little too far out. I was having a really difficult time making it back to the beach. I wasn't drowning, but I sure was having a hard time staying above the water. Daja, being a little afraid to go out too deep would just move back and forth watching me with concern. I think maybe she was a little more worried about me than my wife. LOL.

Day to day life never changes much around here. I work with Daja trying to teach her anything that may be interesting. She is a good student and works really hard to learn what I am trying to teach her, however, she is a dog you must remember so after awhile she just gets tired and shuts down and makes it clear that she is more interested in taking a nap than learning new tricks. What a good life a dog must have!

Missy our second dog is really doing well as well. She's such a nut and loves to sing in her own howling way. She still has a little bit of a pee problem which can be extremely aggravating, but once again, I have to just remember that she is a dog and just doing what dogs do. I just wish she could make a mess on the tile and not the carpet. I am a little tired of cleaning my carpet.

Mr. Henery, if you are reading this, I just want to remind you that you were working on a harness to assist us on clipping toe nails. Also, it is my belief that Daja could be your first RAD dog who has come along enough to actually cross over to a full access dog. If you could please send me a copy of the test so that I can work on her and maybe sometime have her tested. It's not me, it's her. She is so well behaved I am confident that with a little push she can make it to become a full service/access dog. Thanks for the consideration.

I've received some disappointing news about some of our dog handlers. For my USMC friend, hold your head up high. I am confident that you can pull yourself out of this small slump. I believe one or two actions do not paint an accurate picture of who a person is. You will be OK my friend and I am always keeping you in my thoughts to get back to the point where I know you would like to be.

For my Army friend "J", I especially have a place for you in my heart. No one said this would be easy and you know more than any of us how difficult this is for you. I just ask that you please make every effort you can. Dig deep, you have it in you I know. Get where you need to be and focus on recovery. You have worked so hard and I have seen some of your ups and downs. It' time to get back to the ups and avoid the downs as much as possible. We all care for you "J". Your not alone and if there is ANYTHING that we or I can do to help let it be know.

I'm now down to just a couple of months before I will have 20 years of active service. I am so excited that I am going to make it. My military goal has always been to complete a 20 year service commitment. Yeah!!! One of my goals will at least be met.

Well folks, I wish everyone the best. I am doing pretty well myself so I ask that every one focus on their own issues and not worry about me. I look forward to seeing everyone again asap.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Hi folks! I know, I know. If you are reading this and recognize who I am, your probably thinking that Armageddon is about to happen. If your reading this and wondering 'huh', you probably don't know who I am and that's fine. You see, I'm very happy to be one of the people behind the scenes. The paws4vets program is turning out to be a lot more than I had bargained for when I first asked to be part of the program. In a good way I swear.

I can only speak for myself, but after being injured in Iraq my life turned a 180 and changed me for what I assumed would be forever. When you spend literally half your life serving in the military you start to become..........well? Military I suppose. That probably doesn't make any seance. It seems like the person you are would determine the sort of work a person does. If your not careful the work you do can indeed determine the sort of person you are. After being told that I would never be allowed to serve side by side with my Army brothers and sisters, I felt that my purpose in life had just been altered in a negative way. If the military is who I am but I am unable to continue my career.............what now? Family is great don't get me wrong but really, what now? Do I just sit around unable to do much of anything and just grow old?

In comes the dogs via paws4vets program.

Since I've been a part of the paws4vets program, I've been able to work with several dogs and meet a lot of really wonderful people that I would have never had the chace to meet otherwise. Currently, JAKE and DEJA are the two dogs that I get to work (and live) with. Of course I can't even begin to call myself a professional dog trainer. I am not. I can however say that I feel pretty good about training with the dogs and that I feel I do pretty good at it. I've broken the ice and finally started to 'blog' so in time I'm sure I will go into detail of what I do with them. For now, I will just close by saying that they are giving me another purpose. Knowing what these dogs do for me is wonderful and I selfeshly accept it. Knowing what these dogs can do for other service members in need of them is a greater feeling than I can explain. Good night all. I will return soon.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hi's and Lows

The last couple of weeks I have seen the highs and lows in a lot of people that deal with the paws4vets program. We had a busy week with training at the PX along with the local news media covering us last Thursday. Just wanted to say that the dogs were right on the money and that all involved did an excellent job. I want to say thanks to all that come a long way to train with us. This program not only helps the people receiving the dogs, but also helps the personnel involved in training the dogs. Knowing that when the day comes to let the dogs go it is bitter sweet. So thanks again.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Spc. Mcquiston

Today Spc. Roberts took JAKE to formation. He did great like always. This afternoon Spc. Roberts and I are going to take JAKE to the PX. I am still trying to find out what triggers TAZIE has so we can avoid them.