Saturday, May 22, 2010

PUMPKIN joins the family!

Hi All,

This was a very busy few weeks! On Tuesday 5/4 the family went to Ft. Stewart to meet PUMPKIN to make sure that she would be ok with our kids (we have four, Luke is almost 10, Maggie is 7, Katie is 5 and Bailey is 2). My Grandfather had a stroke so unfortunately I had leave to visit him and wasn't able to spend any time with Team training (my Grandfather is doing very good and is recovering well). On Tuesday 5/18 Terry and Kyria came down to Ft. Stewart. That night they brought PUMPKIN to our house to see how she would react to us and our dog Joey. Everyone had a great time and PUMPKIN and Joey seemed to like each other.

Today I picked up PUMPKIN and brought her home. It was a good drive home with PUMPKIN in my truck, I'm looking forward to having her drive everywhere with me. So far she is doing great and the kids are very happy she is home with us. She has spent most of her time exploring the house but is starting to settle down. PUMPKIN wanted to sit under the table during dinner but we don't allow that. PUMPKIN is being a little stubburn with listening but seems to be getting more relaxed in her new environment!

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